Oh Zion, Dear Zion

I just finished reading a book titled A Million  Miles in a Thousand Years and the gist of the book was about grabbing life by the cojones whenever you get the chance. You have to go out there and create memories because frankly, everyday life isn’t that exciting.

Since I have been working on injecting a little spontenaity into my life, Chris, Dan Jenn, and I flipped our two days off into a road trip to Zion National Park.

Now, just a little background on my relationship with Zion: I worked at a ranch/resort outside the park the summer I turned 20. It’s always been one of my favorite summers, and since then I have been dying to go back. Wish granted, but as happens when you revisit places from the past, I ended up taking a stroll down Memory Lane and it ended up being pretty embarrassing.

I think I may have had too much fresh mountain air that summer. I was pretty outdoorsy in a one-with-nature kind of way. When Mother Nature called, I preferred to use her as my bathroom over a toilet, and although my hygiene was questionable, I scored myself a boyfriend.

Yep. That guy right there: Bama — as in Bama from Alabama.  The guy eating a dead rabbit off a stick. And incase you were wondering, he shot that rabbit with a crossbow and then skinned it to make a blanket. It was an interesting summer. Lets just say, he made me some mighty fine Indian jewelry, was a pro with nunchucks, and was a male cheerleader in college. It was pretty random.

I was pretty bad A myself….

The moral of the story is: it was fun to be back at Zion and laugh at those old memories with my husband who actually has a productive set of skills, nunchucks or no nunchucks. And we got to make our own book of memories that don’t involve skinning small animals.

Our accommodations at the ranch–it was pretty deluxe. Five star worthy even.

My plan was to squeeze 16 + hours of hiking into our 30 hour trip, but our first hike nearly killed us (literally and figuratively), so we kept the hiking in a 1 day widow.

First on the agenda was Angel’s Landing. Basically a hike that ascends 1,200 feet. It’s a beast with miles of swtichbacks and more swtichbacks (think the stair stepper machine… for 2 hours) followed by an intense climb up its narrow spine to reach the summit. This hike is still giving Chris nightmares.

Almost there…

The last leg of the hike–up the spine of the cliff. This is all the further Chris and I went (he didn’t want to become an angel attempting to hike Angel’s Landing), but Dan and Jenn conquered it.

We took it easy on our second hike and walked through the narrows–Chris was happy with me again.

Each hike had amazing wildlife. I guess animals in national parks just overcome their instinct to run/fly away, so we were able to get super close to these beauties:



Baby ball of fuzz.

Wise old mama.

Bummy! I love those feet–so cool.

Goodbye Zion. I’ll love you for ever and always. It was real.